The cat ate your book cover.

'Irony is a dragon with a unicorn’s face.' Cryptic and will stay that way.

New client’s book cover is in revision. Graphics card fails twice during editing.

What to do? Explain to your client that the delay is due to the unbelievable and ironic circumstance of hardware failure?

Isn’t that akin to ‘the cat ate your cover?’...and ate the characters while he was at it? Might as well say ‘the cat ate your plot too’. I mean, who would even believe that their cover is delayed due to such irony?

Explain that the delay is due to the graphics card failure?

No. As a designer I have to grin and bear it whilst using my semi-backup plan which consists of abysmal on-board graphics and a positive attitude born of thankfulness to the fact my files are all in one place and are accessible.

Things go wrong, giving up is easy. Sometimes design is a battlefield of bullets, bombs, miscommunications and hardware which hates you.

Important points to remember in all of this?

1. If the reason a cover is delayed is completely unbelievable but completely true, it’s also completely irrelevant = No point in complaining about it, do the job by any means necessary.

2. Have a backup plan. Have a backup plan. Have a backup plan.

3. Laugh about it, and then give your client something they’ll believe was worth the wait.

Irony is a dragon with a unicorn’s face.


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