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Your book brought to life!

People really do judge a book by its cover – an awesome cover hints at some awesome fiction, or non-fiction for that matter.  

People judge me by my portfolio – a beautiful collection of unique book covers along with fantastic reviews hint at some insanely intricate designing going on behind the scenes.


Why choose me?  Passion.


My love of reading gives me a genuine desire to learn the ins and outs of every project to fall on my desk. Characters, plots, subplots, inspirations; anything is fair game, making your experience as personal as you want it to be! I’ve even been known to read chapters of my clients manuscripts (which is awesome as it gives me such a deep insight ).

What can you expect?  Perfection.

· Unique and beautifully constructed book covers in print ready and ebook formats.

· Fast response, general publishing advice and overall a hugely personal experience.


Interested? Message me! :)


Amazing Work! Really Enjoyed working with CherieFox!

Brilliant experience from beginning to end!

Talented beyond words!