Wouldn't it be more interesting if I just showed you things about myself - with a little wordsmithing?

Summer & Soulmates

Foxley's my husband's name, since 2013 it's been mine too!


This little fella is our gorgeous ball of fur, noise and laughter.

Gizmo aka Sweety

This 19 year old regal diamond is our much cherished feline. He moved on to a better place in 2017 - we look forward to seeing him again one day. xxx

Profile Pic BW

Well what 'about me' page doesn't have some kind of mugshot.

Love in Mauritius

Honeymoon destination: Mont Choisy's wonderful pool. I can swim a little, as long as the water is not more than 5 feet.


Me and the hubby met this chap on a Mauritian beach. He was friendly, lonely and glad for some attention.


I love autumn, nature, and creating moody photography, or trying to at least.


I love teddies, especially when they look this good through the eyes of my Nikon.

More Cuteness

Even Raff likes teddies.

Nuts and Bushy Tails

This is one greedy squirrel. I'm a little greedy too, especially when it comes to pizza and watermelon.

Meet Nikon

I've been a photographer for about 11 years. This is me and Nikon - we make a great team.

Fox in The Headlights

This is one of my favorite shots. I caught this little guy at my local park, I think Nikon may have startled him a little...

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